People Can Tell Your Social Class From The First Few Words You Utter

Did you know that studies were conducted at some of the most prestigious universities in the world regarding people’s ability to recognize other people’s social class by the mere words they uttered? This is what those universities found out from the studies that were conducted. Universities had already found out from previous studies conducted that people can tell your upbringing by the things you wear and buy. That’s right! The things that we wear, and buy are status symbols to show off our economic success. New conducted studies show that there are other factors associated with determining social class status.Researchers from Yale University and the University of California-San Francisco conducted experiments on the verbal and nonverbal signs of determining background. This is what they found out. Researchers were able to determine people’s upbringing after listening to several spoken words from participants to see how well strangers could accurately determine where those participants stood on the economic ladder.

What investigators found out was that peoples speech was most accurate when determining people’s economic backgrounds. Researchers found out that the first few words a person uttered would reveal if a person had a college degree or not. I conducted the same study with people I came in contact with every day and found this information to be 100% accurate.Researchers divided all speakers involved in the study into different social backgrounds based on their educational achievement and occupation. Once that was achieved, researchers then had observers listen to those speakers utter several words out of context. From those several words uttered, the observers were able to guess most of participants background at a rate that was higher than chance.Conversely, this study was compared to other studies that found that social class signals are everywhere, even written upon our faces. One recent study found that people could accurately determine whether people were rich, or poor based on their looks alone.

Many scholars feel that speech gesturing will make it harder to cross social economic boundaries due to people being comfortable with people in their social class, and most people tend to interact and network more with people like themselves. When people accurately perceive social class interactions with others, signals that communicate differences in social class are likely to create limitations for those concerned. Since what I shared with you is fact and you now know that you can be judged quickly, frequently, and consistently based on your words alone, this would be one more boundary that can make it harder to escape social class barriers.